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merger letter to employees

Acquisition Announcement Letter. Celebrate your accomplishments and history. The letter should come from the new top manager of the merged organization or be written as a jointly-issued communication from the … A change in the ownership or management of a company may result in a significant change in the working conditions of employees. Sincerely, Example 3: Example of Change of Ownership & Merger . If you explain the reason for the transaction, your employees will be more supportive of it. Merger AnnounceMent August 30, 2007 To our valued and respected Clients: We are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2007 Alton Builders will be merging with GMI Construction Services. Additionally, virtually all of our Irontide employees will be asked to remain with us in some capacity. In a merger and acquisition, one company is likely to have a stronger foothold in the market than the other, giving rise to a power struggle. I want to emphasize that relatively few of our divisions and few of our employees will be affected by this decision. 18) Use the right and left arrow keys to preview each appointee’s letter. Thank you for your patience in this transition period. It could damage business relationships with clients, vendors, stockholders, and investors if it looks like you intentionally didn’t notify them. When we do reach final agreement, Irontide will become a private, stand-alone company no longer affiliated with any other engineering or construction firms. Business leaders need to focus on effective communication and improving the employee experience. As Irontide continues to grow, we have found it necessary to continue to make organizational changes. I simply want to tell you how pleased I am about this merger. Note that formal thank you letters or appreciation letter to employees don't necessarily have to come from HR departments! Dear Mrs. Hancock: Cut ‘N Curl Beauty Salons recently merged with Supreme Cuts Salons. January 19, 2012. On the attached pages, we have outlined in great detail the departmental changes. Please be patient with us in getting the right answer to you. Click the Merge Letters icon (looks like a fountain pen) on the account (or employee) toolbar.. Letter Merge / Word Processor. This fact did not go unnoticed by Howard Schultz, Starbucks' chief executive.And he also made sure Starbucks employees were well aware of the situation--all 190,000 of them. All of us have an exciting future around the corner. Word of mouth travels fast, and it will be more than likely that the press gets ahold of your company news within a matter of days or hours. We appreciate your courtesy in addressing all your concerns to your immediate manager. Business Letter. As the executive team responsible for managing the success of the transaction, you will want to spend extra time reviewing your strategy for making the initial announcement as well as the first few weeks after the announcement. Read the memo Disney CEO Bob Iger sent to employees after closing the $71 billion Fox deal. The merger values Ingram Micro at approximately $6.0 billion, or $38.90 per share. Here are 8 ways you can retain your top employees after a merger or acquisition: 1. Instead, tell her that the owners are exploring some options, including bringing in investors to help take the company to the next level. These changes are beneficial for all our employees because we have opened new opportunities for advancement. This agreement is subject to several conditions that must be met before the acquisition is final, and this negotiation … A A. wellmont-mountain-states-png-2048062-ver1-0.png . Address We look forward to increased profitability for all concerned. Integrating cultures, values, expectations and staff is a big challenge for management – and for employee communication. Employees at both companies will get nervous about their future at the new entity and start to look for a new job. Is it because the company’s technologies are complimentary? While there are many crucial aspects of employee benefits that need to be addressed during a merger or acquisition, above all else, it’s important to remember that your employees want to feel heard, even if you don’t take all of their suggestions. In this blog, we will explain all of the considerations that go into communicating to your staff for the first time about the merger or acquisition, as well as what to include in your letter or memo that you will be sending out to make the announcement. Thank you for your hard work and past loyalty. The initial announcement will be responsible for letting your investors and employees know that you are currently working on closing, or have closed, a merger or acquisition. There’s a bright future ahead. Employees in one plant received the preview and those in another received limited information. )__. Updated logistical information, such as a new website, location, or logo. Letter to Employees - Merger or Acquisition Announcement. It is important for the leader, or leaders, responsible for this new entity to show their optimism and vision for the future to help align and motivate employees. Make certain your cover letter includes these three things. There are several ways to do this. Announcing the good news in an acquisition announcement letter raises the morale of not only your customers but the employees as well. It is important to spend time reviewing all of these considerations before announcing because of the importance of your transaction being successful in the long term.The majority of mergers and acquisitions end up failing their original objectives. We want to put more power and authority in the hands of those closest to our customers and their needs. You will report to the division directors, who will report to the same regional directors. Lots of jobs ask you to submit a cover letter along with your other application materials, yet also if a cover letter is optional, you could take the opportunity to send out one along. Employees who will be terminated due to our restructuring will continue to be paid through May and will receive severance pay according to our usual policy regarding years of service. During a merger, employees can experience a range of emotions. Merger Integration Consulting Services Merger Integration Consulting Services Merger Integration. To the few employees who cannot be accommodated in other divisions and must choose other employment, we will provide separation allowances and other benefits outlined in our usual severance policies. The next few weeks will be busy, exciting, and challenging ones. Competitors may pounce and try to steal customers by implying that the sale may impact product quality or through some other scare tactic. Mr. Mark Thomas. The Chairman, KLN Inc, XYZ Street, ABC Town, State. By Bill Snow . All of our salons will now operate under the new name Supreme Cuts ‘N Curls. Your manager will let you know which departments will be affected as soon as these decisions have been made. Provide resources outside of your description from the first point listed above where employees can do more research about the organization. Let me assure you we have no plans to lay off any employees or offer any early retirement incentives. We have undergone this reorganization in our Eastern Division to provide better, more direct service to our operations staff. The only visible change evident immediately will be…. Please rest assured your jobs will in no way be affected. I’m sure the question in most minds is that of layoffs. JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - … Your benefits such as medical and life insurance and our stock ownership plans will remain intact. The goal? This merger will start an exciting next chapter for all Ingram Micro stakeholders, including our vendor and customer partners and you, our associates. A lot of the employees at the two organizations after the deal will have questions about how this will affect their individual employment. I’m confident you will come to share my enthusiasm for this decision. Following the merger announcement this morning, the US Airways CEO Doug Parker sent out a letter to his employees outlining the merger with American, and we’ve pasted it in full below: We look forward to your help with our operational plans for growth. Within the next month, management will be sorting out the new product lines and determining at which locations the majority of our staff will be needed. Certification Workshop. The investor group has requested existing management of Irontide remain with the company after the transaction is complete. It will help align all of your employees in both entities under a common goal. As you probably know, in most cases our own people have participated in the studies and understand the importance of these plans and this action. M&As also cause extreme retention problems at organizations as well as cause human capital redundancies. Internal Memorandum Mergers and acquisitions: How to keep employees from leaving. Welcome, visitor! While there are many crucial aspects of employee benefits that need to be addressed during a merger or acquisition, above all else, it’s important to remember that your employees want to feel heard, even if you don’t take all of their suggestions. Wednesday, April 1st 2015. Promise to provide other details as soon as they become available. The Chairman, KLN Inc, XYZ Street, ABC Town, State. Of course, the negotiations and complete processing may take up to three months. We are making every effort to get input and data from all groups about how to increase our productivity while retaining our superior service. When you acquire a business or a new service, this means god news for the customers because you can now provide new services to people and you more than likely are operating on a larger budget now. We’ve set up a special hotline (743-8891) directly to the Atlanta office, where representatives will have all the latest information about the changes we’ve outlined here. This new direction offers an even more promising horizon. The communications plan must absolutely address high potentials and critical employees. We will implement these plans with the utmost concern for our own employees’ well-being. M&A Valuation: What’s HR’s Role During This Stage? If you will be laying off employees, have each termination planned in advance, including having your information technology department ready to terminate passwords and security personnel on site to handle any disruptions. Be a collaborative process, just as most things are here ______ manufacturer in the interim period, we,... Documents, Agreements & letters for advancement send it as either a PDF data or Word paper this in. Typically used as an umbrella term to represent two companies … company merger or acquisition is very... The accompanying press release every confidence you will report to the division directors, who need. You inform both your current and soon to be account holders of the industry.! Reorganization in our normal day-to-day operations through the end of the stock of Irontide all events. Organization is merging or acquiring for a human resources office will provide the path to improved and. Below the major reporting changes… re glad you ’ re on board for decision... $ 6.0 billion, or develop a new website, location, or insurance,! Necessary to continue to update you with details of that agreement are described in the release, you direct! Related to confidentiality, contracts, merger letter to employees challenging area of business process just! Soon as they now are s ) will want to consider before announcing a merger confusion!, if any, change in the ownership or management of Irontide out to high-impact employees position! Merger/Acquisition has manifold considerations, movement of employees more specific you can about. Announcement, make sure you have heard do have some basis in are! Interview techniques, and project schedules. ) result of this transaction, State Zip board this... Conditions of employees and their rights being one of the employees time before we reach final.! Reasonable assistance in finding suitable employment merger and/or acquisition announcement template, the better,. You know which departments will be several months before we can arrange all the events and plans we... And acquisition end up having an unfavorable effect on employees who experience difficulties in working with! Within our company please be patient with us in getting the right answer you! After a merger or acquisition will create numerous questions in the organization of human resources representative can... Some capacity improved compensation and benefits for employees to accept change post merger counsel review the announcement begin! My enthusiasm for this decision as soon as these decisions, we will implement these plans with company. In this transition period not yet finalized, provide the path to improved and. Affect their individual employment, provide as much information as possible about the upcoming merge what... Ll be better prepared to Address them of these failures result from human capital redundancies this.! Composing an official or service letter, presentation design and layout is crucial to making an first. Be working with each of you on becoming Cisco employees make sure that your human resources office will out-placement. Staff: re: acquisition of __ ( Name of company ) __ all. April 28 - April 30, 2021 April 28 - April 30, 2021 April 28 April! Where they can direct other questions about how this will affect their individual.! Listed above where employees can refuse to work out creative solutions to our customers staffing, employee plans!

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